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RSE Leeds

Research Software Engineers (RSEs) are people who develop software and/or support the use of computers and computer technologies for research purposes. They can work in a variety of job roles so if you think you may be one come to one of our meetings or one of the national ones.

The RSE Leeds network has an email list.

Software Sustainability Institute (SSI) – The Institute was founded to support the UK’s research software community – a community that includes the majority of UK’s researchers.

Collaborations Workshops - The SSI run unconferences around Easter time that has a hack day on the last day.

The UK Research Software Association - This association is working to create a community and raise awareness of the UK’s Research Software Engineers. The association campaigns for the recognition and adoption of the RSE role within academia along with the need for appropriate reward and career opportunities for RSEs.

The RSE Conference - The RSE Association runs a conference in September.