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RSE Careers and Roles: Louise Brown


This talk was advertised on campus and was well attended with 31 people registering.

The role of the Research Software Engineer (RSE) is just starting to be recognized even though software specific to a research project is critical to the success of most projects. Many RSEs have a varied career and this talk by Louise Brown illustrates the role through the story of her career. This is the first in a series of talks by established RSEs that aims to give perspective on what the role is and inspiration on how you can build a career as an RSE.

Date: Tuesday 29 January 1pm to 2pm.

|Location: 2.10 in Civil Engineering

Dr Louise Brown Biography:

Louise Brown Talk Leeds Jan 2019

Dr Louise Brown is a Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham. She currently holds an EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellowship on Software for Textile Modeling and Simulation. On completion of her PhD, Design of a Filament Winding Cell, she worked for several years in the Computer Science Department at Nottingham working on automated design tools for CAD systems for industrial embroidery machines. Partly due to her daughter’s medical condition she worked from home as a software engineer for thirteen years before returning to the Composites Research Group at Nottingham in 2009. She is responsible for development of TexGen ( ), open source software for modelling the geometry of textile structures. The software has an increasing user base worldwide with over 32,000 downloads since its initial release in 2006. She has implemented new functionality to include modelling of the complex 3D weaves being used increasingly by the aerospace industry and is involved in research to optimise more complex textile structures.